I Played my first game of Broomball in Canberra, Australia in June 1990 after the then Australian Captain, Mark Heinrich,
asked a bunch of us at the National Library of Australia to try out this new sport which involved playing a cross between
Ice Hockey and Field Hockey on ice WITHOUT skates!

It sounded like a pretty stupid thing to do, so we all jumped at the chance.

I've played almost every week since (over 1,250 games including Nationals & Internationals). Within 4 months I played in
my first Nationals in Bendigo, Victoria as Captain of the ACT Men's Team & signed up to go on a five week tour of
Canada culminating in the First World Broomball Tournament in Victoria, British Columbia in 1991.

In 1995 I was named Captain of the Australian Men's Broomball Team for a two week tour of the USA leading up to
Broomball Mania 8. We won our first five games on tour, a best ever performance by an Australian Men's Team!

I have now played over 100 games and scored over 100 goals in the Men's Elite Division at the Australian National
Broomball Championships, and have scored over 2,000 goals in all competitions!

In June 2016, I was inducted into the Broomball Australia Hall of Fame

In June 2018, my ACT Elite Menís broomball team (ACT Flames) was inducted into the Broomball Australia Hall of Fame, in recognition of our 12 consecutive National Championship wins (1992-2003)

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