I Played my first game of Broomball in Canberra, Australia in June 1990 after the then Australian Captain, Mark Heinrich,
asked a bunch of us at the National Library of Australia to try out this new sport which involved playing a cross between
Ice Hockey, Field Hockey & Soccer on ice WITHOUT skates !

It sounded like a pretty stupid thing to do, so we all jumped at the chance.

I've played almost every week since (over 1,100 games including Nationals & Internationals). Within 4 months I played in
my first Nationals in Bendigo, Victoria as Captain of the ACT Men's Team & signed up to go on a five week tour of
Canada culminating in the First World Broomball Tournament in Victoria, British Columbia in 1991.

In 1995 I was named Captain of the Australian Men's Broomball Team for a two week tour of the USA leading up to
Broomball Mania 8. We won our first five games on tour, a best ever performance by an Australian Men's Team!

I have now played over 100 games and scored over 100 goals in the Men's Elite Division at the Australian National
Broomball Championships!!!

On 12 June 2016, I was inducted into the Broomball Australia Hall of Fame!!!

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